Creating media content that challenges the mind and engages the soul.

The content of the Path documentary trilogy films, Path 11 Podcast and upcoming projects, focus on topics of consciousness exploration and investigate the many theories of the soul’s purpose. Our projects cover subjects related to the study of consciousness, out-of-body exploration, paranormal encounters, holistic healing, physics and metaphysics. The Path 11 Podcast, has well over 50 hours of additional interviews and discussions, expanding on the topics from the The Path Trilogy films. The intention behind the projects of Path 11 Productions is to create an internal discussion for the viewer that may prompt them to challenge and look at their current belief systems and challenge themselves to bring this conversation forward to other human beings. The other intention behind our projects is to help raise the planets’ vibrational level of consciousness and spread the message to as many people as possible that we are all one, we are consciousness. We encourage you to explore.

Path 11 Productions LLC Mission Statement:

Path 11 Productions is a production company dedicated to making films, broadcasting interviews and delivering information to help the human race to relax and enjoy life. Our mission is to make films and podcasts that have been inspired by our own experiences, along with stories and experiences of experts in the field of consciousness and science that validate these encounters.

We are answering the big questions, why we are here on earth and what our purpose is through our films and to discover what is next for the human race.

Our intent is to decrease the level of fear people experience on a day to day basis in order to raise the vibration of our planet. As we accomplish this mission, we know we will begin to live a more peaceful and loving human existence.

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