The death of a loved one can have such a profound effect on ones perception of life on earth as we know it. Death can make you question the reason for your existence, why you are here, what is your purpose and why on earth do we live only to die?

There were a large number of deaths in a very short period of time of friends, family members, and pets in a year and a half that triggered a man into a deep study and investigation of what happens to people after they die. Following a deep depression with having visited a funeral parlor and attended a dozen or so wakes, Michael Habernig began to explore the concept of life after death.

It was between April and late May of 2007 Michael saw “The Secret” Documentary which then led him to view another documentaryMichael Habernig
called “What the Bleep?” He was really interested in the Quantum physics and scientific proof of energy even though he didn’t know much about Quantum physics. Michael was conducting google searches for quantum physics in relation to afterlife, spirits, proof of God etc. He saw a bunch of youtube clips from other documentaries, seminars from Wayne Dyer, Fred Alan Wolf, Gregg Braden and by “accident” he stumbled upon a few interviews from Albert Taylor, William Buhlman and Thomas Campbell.  Three very different types of people from different parts of the country, who all had the same Out of Body Experience (OBE) experience. He found that intriguing and began searches on Astral Projection and OBE. These searches led into remote viewing, multiple dimensions and past life regressions.  He watched several seminars from Brian Weiss and Michael Newton which then led into the realm of spirit guides, angels and the higher self and lastly healing. This is when we began to feel that he was on a “path” of learning after viewing, reading and listening to several hundred hours of content.

In the fall of 2007, Michael was thinking back to everything he had been learning and thought to himself, “why didn’t I learn this stuff years ago? Why doesn’t everyone else know?” So he began to feel like he should do a film about death, and reincarnation. His search began locally for hypnotherapists, people who could astral project, quantum physics and healing. He found two people in November of 2007 that could be potential people to contact to begin the documentary; a hypnotherapist in Massachusetts and a Holistic practitioner in Leeds, NY.

He began to second guess this project and had a lot of doubt about the success of the project. Was it feasible? Would anyone care? How was he going to find the time to complete such a project with working a full time job and trying to run his own production business. He was booked filming and editing other projects and decided to push this documentary off.  It was then late January of 2008 and he had started listening to Dick Sutphens’ Radio Show on his iPhone. This radio show was a show about past lives, karma and life’s purpose.

April-HannahMichael began getting caught up with his other editing projects and began to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Michel really wanted to get this documentary project back into focus and if he planned it right he figured he might have something started to take form in the fall of 2008 nd maybe edited in 2009 sometime.  So he went back to call the two people he found locally.
His first phone call was to a woman who lived only 15 minutes from his house in Leeds, NY; April Hannah who owned and operated her own private holistic healing and counseling practice. April was very excited by this opportunity and of course said yes to be interviewed for the documentary. What Michael didn’t know was how fast this documentary was going to take off after he contacted her. April had many contacts in the city of Saratoga and in Kingston NY. She offered to contact other practitioners to see if they would be interested. April had no idea that she was beginning a new position for herself in this documentary as not only an interviewee but also the Producer. She gladly took this role and began calling and emailing anyone she knew in the field whom she respected and felt would contribute great knowledge to this documentary.


The story behind the naming of Path11 Productions

April Hannah & Michael HabernigSome interesting synchronicity began to happen after Michael and April met that made them believe even more that this project was being guided by divine intervention. April and Michael found out they were both born in the month of April, same year exactly one week apart. Another funny tid bit to add is that April’s mother always told her was that if she was a boy she was going to be named Michael. They also found out they lived 11 miles away from each other which also brings attention to the 11:11 phenomena that Michael was experiencing anytime and every time he began to think or work on the documentary. He would see the number 11 all over, catch the clock reading 1:11 or 11:11. He found out later on that his numerology number is 11 and so forth. On a trip out to Alabama to interview Thomas Campbell, April’s cell phone mysteriously had 11 11 11 11 typed in the screen after they stopped for an interview in Virginia. The signs of the number 11 kept popping up which again could no longer be considered a coincidence, hence the naming of the production company became Path11.

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