Hillary Raimo

HILLARY RAIMOHILLARY RAIMO has studied the mystical, psychological, spiritual aspects of life since childhood. She is an author, teacher, explorer and mystic. Guided at a very young age by her grandfather, Les Holloway, Hillary has spent her life pursuing the ancient mysteries, traveling and leading tours to sacred sites around the world, studying the energy body, hands on healing, Reiki, energy medicine, shamanism and now dedicates her life to writing, being inspired by the muses, healing and understanding that everything is indeed connected. Hillary shares her unique perspective on the inner connections of sacred aspects of self in her work with students and clients, both one on one and in group settings. As well as corporate staff and wellness trainings. Bridging consciousness with business in a unique and inspiring way. Author of Money Matters: Understanding your Relationship with Abundance, she travels, lectures and conducts seminars and retreats nationwide.

Hillary is also the host of The Hillary Raimo Show,Matters for Mind Body & Spirit Talk Radio. For more information on upcoming trips, events, and shows or to schedule a session with Hillary visit www.hillaryraimo.com

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