Patty Ray Avalon

Patty Ray AvalonPATTY RAY AVALON is a trained Residential Facilitator at a consciousness research organization called The Monroe Institute in Virginia, where she has been working with Hemi-Sync® technology. She trains participants to use their consciousness to access guidance, explore past lives,  improve manifestation, learn self-healing and self-actualization skills and learn out-of-body techniques as introduced by Robert Monroe. She has been serving TMI since 1999.

She is also an experienced energy healer and former graduate and faculty member of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami, Florida. She is experienced with the Michael Harner Shamanic practices as well as the Pathwork bio-energetic modality.

Patty Ray has a B.F.A and an M.F.A from Indiana University. She is also a professional artist and has had her work featured in the Washington Post Home Section, Metropolitan Home, Country Living, House and Garden, and other popular magazines. She created and ran a full time Art and Design business in the Washington DC area for 25 years. She has illustrated books numerous and articles including for companies such as McGraw Hill and Galluadet Press.

She has taken her knowledge as a facilitator of consciousness, a professional creative, and as an energy healer, and created 2 exciting new Hemi-Sync® CD series through Monroe Products®. The newest series explores creative states of consciousness in eight exercises to enhance creativity called The Creative Waywith Hemi-Sync®,  which is due out inOctober, 2008. The other series is designed to reversing aging with expanded, focused states of consciousness,  intentionality and visualizations. This cutting edge product is called Positively Ageless with Hemi-Sync®.

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