Michael Habernig – Director

Michael HabernigMICHAEL HABERNIG – DIRECTOR, is the owner of Habernig Productions and director of The Path. He is a man with a personal vision to impact the world with a documentary on the soul’s purpose, path and presence in our lives.  His inspiration comes from his own soul’s journey and life experiences when he was confronted with many family members who had died in a short period of time.  These deaths in his life sprung him into deep study and investigation to find out answers as to what happens after we die.

Along with running a video production company for 8 years, Michael Habernig also worked as a director/producer at Time Warner Cable, the second largest cable operator in the United States for 10 years in the news and advertising department. He was a director at a Regional news network in Kingston, NY for three years, a production assistant for ESPN and worked on an independent film Manny and Lo. This will be his third documentary production.

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